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TaxPort Switzerland, a sales tax consultancy founded in 1991, has offices in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. It partners with companies and organisations to provide ongoing advice and solutions on foreign sales tax issues, including VAT, GST and other local sales taxes.

A single point of contact to an extensive network of tax lawyers, tax representatives and accountants in more than 50 countries.

TaxPort Switzerland acquires valuable local knowledge and answers for the benefit of our clients with a full range of services, such as the execution of the VAT/GST tax registration process and the filing of refund claims, as well as the development of strategies to minimise the impact of sales tax on the import/export of goods and services.

TaxPort Switzerland assists organisations and associations to ensure full compliance with local sales tax regulations in the countries where transactions are carried out and analyses the transaction details to optimise the financial impact of foreign sales taxes on its clients.

  • VAT / GST registration
  • VAT / GST compliance
  • Minimise the impact or obtain a refund of import VAT invoiced in the country of destination
  • VAT file management
  • Manage all aspects of local sales tax for international conferences and conventions

Companies of all sizes use the services of TaxPort Switzerland to recover foreign VAT.
Our income is based solely on the refunds obtained so our services are on a contingency basis for our customers.

Martin Pinsonnault
Foreign Sales Tax Specialist
(VAT, GST, JCT, etc)
Tax Refund Service