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VAT refunds for Swiss companies or associations operating internationally.
Are you a company? An association?

Are you registered for VAT in Switzerland and you pay VAT on your business activities outside Switzerland in a country where your company or association is not registered for VAT? Recover the VAT paid out in accordance with the local deduction rules in the country concerned.

Travel expenses, purchase of local goods/services and import VAT* on the cross-border movement of goods are among the most common items on which your company has to pay local VAT.

These possibilities are available to you across Europe and in many other countries around the world (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, …).

Each case is significantly different
Reimbursement rules and procedures vary from country to country. TaxPort Switzerland SA uses proven strategies and tools to obtain refunds for its clients.

Minimise your expenses by recovering VAT!
TaxPort Switzerland SA advises you on the best practices to follow and the pitfalls to avoid, as there are many parameters to be respected:

What are the conditions of eligibility?

What types of expenditure are concerned?

What types of documents are accepted?

What are the deadlines to be respected?

Companies of all sizes use the services of TaxPort Switzerland to recover foreign VAT.

Free services: our income is based solely on the refunds we receive.

* Refund of import VAT invoiced by a freight forwarder or courier service on your international shipments of goods. This can be refunded retroactively.